The inspiration of NING ART JEWELLERY comes from Renaissance and Art Nouveau based on my living experience in Europe, especially in Italy and England. My jewellery will include bracelets, bangles, necklaces, earrings, rings, and artworks. All merchandises are made with sterling silver, 18K gold and white gold. 



My uniqueness is combining Italian hand engraving into contemporary jewellery. Engraving is done with a sharpened steel rod held by hand to cut letters and patterns into the surface of precious metals. This skill leaves a shiny, dimensional line that highlights the letters. I bestow upon the metal of any piece of jewellery the effect of velvet, silk or damask, or decorate it to create the effect of lace, or frame it with borders, or give it an infinity of floral motifs in order to create a distinctive and unique piece.


In this digital age of lasers and computers, hand engraving is something of a rarity. There are very few hand engravers left, especially the one skilled enough to achieve the quality. Now a day, a lot of jewellery brands make their products in machines in order to produce more amounts. The brand value of NING ART JEWELLERY is the hand made of craftsmanship. 


Furthermore, I combine enamel and engraving on some of my jewellery. The result is a layer of semi-transparent colourful glass on the surface with the engraved pattern underneath, which become another feature of my work.



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